Color-Her Mix 'n Match Coloring Book

Color-Her Mix 'n Match Coloring Book

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by Iris Glaser and Katrin Leblond

12 ladies... over 2000 possible combinations

The effect of each combination is sometimes funny, sometimes gorgeous, always surprising. Plus, draw your own portrait and add yourself to the mix. Suitable for artists and non-artists alike, and for all ages. Makes a great gift for the mom, daughter, sister, raging granny, aunt, wife, partner, girlfriend, baby mama, student, teacher, or special amiga in your life. Printed on premium multimedia cardstock, this coloring book can handle any medium, even watercolor.

We came up with the idea for this book over coffees and croissants in Montreal. A coloring book of female icons, from mythological to contemporary figures. We started a long list of who we'd include, and edited it down to the right mix of mythic and real. We wanted to strike the right balance of known figures and cool contemporary women, all ages and backgrounds. Then we came up with the mix 'n match idea: we'd cut up each figure into 3 parts – head, torso, legs – and let people scramble the ladies to make their own unique combinations. It's tough to say which combinations are our favorites. With 2000 possible mix-ups, we're always finding new and entertaining results.

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