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We are a bricks and mortar designer boutique in Montreal, Canada. Katrin Leblond is our chief designer and CEO, and a big fan of Ivko knits.  She designs an in house collection called "Katrin Leblond Design" that is manufactured in Montreal and sold in our store. We are also the first people in Canada to start importing Ivko knits. Enjoy! 

We have opened this online store to share the high quality knits and clothing from Katrin Leblond and IVKO. We have been in business for 13 years designing and manufacturing clothing and have had a retail store for more than 9 years! 

If you need to contact us directly, you can call our head office at (514)-678 9616 or e-mail us at ivkostore@hotmail.com

"I can not begin to tell you what a fantastic customer service experience this has been for me. Extra effort, above and beyond, and reinforced pleasure for a long time customer. Nicely done."   -Alrik Suvari

"The items are even more luxurious and beautiful than they appear on screen."  -Sophia Plate

Katrin Leblond- Artist's Bio

Katrin Leblond lives and works in Montreal, a city is known for its sense of style. Montreal is a city of distinct flourishes and bold combinations, its streets filled day and night with colour, texture and movement. Katrin’s fashions are vintage Montreal: they amplify, not dampen, their model’s style and personality. 

Katrin began her 15-year career as a textile designer, acquiring proficiency in the most basic of elements of fashion: repeats, textures, stripes and colour. Beginning in 2004 she brought those craft-based skills and sensibilities to her own clothing collections. In 2007 she launched her own label, Katrin Leblond Design, and her own outlet, Boutique Katrin Leblond. 

Katrin is renowned for her artfully embellished dresses and jackets, as well as for her brilliant twists on standard cuts. Through her use of pattern and choice of fabrics, she transforms wardrobe standards such as t-shirts, hoodies and sleeveless dresses into flawless standouts. Katrin’s collections combine discipline and detail with whimsy and vitality. Her works are inspired by trends yet outside them, and don’t go out of fashion. 

Katrin is committed to ethical practice in fashion design and manufacturing. Each of Katrin’s original pieces is cut and sewn in her Montreal studio. All her materials are locally sourced, from fabrics down to thread and zipper—all produced by local workers in Montreal’s vibrant fashion sector, and requiring less fossil fuel for transport. Katrin’s works prove just how dazzling ethical fashion can be.

What is IVKO and who is the IVKO woman?

Ivko knits are designed with the traveling women in mind.  Made from all natural fibers; cotton, linen, silk, wool ... they breathe, they keep you warm and they are easy to love.

The inspirations for their collections are Russian folklore, Moroccan tiles, hand-painted houses in Greece, and of course flowers, flowers, flowers!  This year stripes play a big role in multicolor layering combined with art deco roses and traditional arabesque lines.  There are items styled for the dramatic woman; bright colors on a black base, and there are softer more nature-inspired palettes of brown, beige and taupe. 

The magic of Ivko, is that there is something for everyone.  There are dresses for wearing to the beach in Miami, and there are coats to wear to the opera in New York.  But best of all, there are practical sweaters for the schoolteacher, the artist and the yoga instructor. 

How do you choose?

You can start with your personal palette.  Your hair, your eyes, your skin; If you are fair with blue eyes, choose a sweater that has bright sunshiny colors and an accent of blue.  If you are a red-head you can always wear the greens, turquoises and earth tones.  If you have dark hair, be it brown or black, you can choose a more dramatic palette of bright colors on a dark base, or jewel tones.  If you have tanned or dark skin, you can wear loud lively colors that shout out to the world your joy for life. 

Body type.  If you are tall, you will love the drapey Ivko cardigans and the coats they have to offer.  If you have large breasts, or a tummy you would prefer to camouflage, the vests and open cardigans are very flattering.  The skirts also double as a poncho in many cases (this is not official, but I have been wearing Ivko skirts like this for years!)  If you are petite, Ivko makes nice cardigans and crop jackets, that often pair with a matching skirt making spectacular suits. 

What do you love?  What do you need?

These are not always the same thing and both are valid reasons for making a purchase.  I like to start with what do you need?  Do you need and everyday cardigan to jazz up your life?  Can you choose a piece that all your friends will know is yours because you wear it so often?  Do you need a new dress or tunic for special occasions, a trip or a job interview?  If you want to get noticed, Ivko is the way to do it!

What do you love?  Do you love the bright colors and wild motifs?  Follow your heart and make sure you choose the first piece you fell for; the first love is often the one we come back to after hours of agonizing indecision.  If you love something, and you know you want it, you are best to get it RIGHT AWAY!  We do not have an unlimited supply and we cannot re-order.  You have one chance and it is sitting here in front of you to buy a piece of art that you can wear for many years to come.  You can pass it on to you daughter and granddaughter if you don't wear it threadbare yourself.  The quality is high and the styling is timeless.

How do Returns work?

We accept that returns occasionally happen because you have not tried on the item.  Please e-mail or call us right away to authorize the return.  Then pack and ship the item back to us, marking clearly that you are returning merchandise to the vendor (this is important for us to not pay customs on the item).  Mark the value on the package at $35.  When we have received the item, you can either choose something else from the ivko store and we will apply your credit to the new purchase, or we will refund you (less the original cost of shipping). 

Mail to: Boutique Katrin Leblond, 4647 blvd. St-Laurent, Montreal, Quebec, H2T 1R2, Canada

Discounted items and samples

These items are always a final sale.  We will not accept returns or offer store credit on these items.  Sorry.

Giving Ivko as a gift.

Ivko makes a great gift because it is extremely unique and special.  Make sure you check the size of the clothing being worn by the woman you want to gift; and it is best to check the size on a few pieces that are more fitted than loose.  Next, think about who they are and what she would like.  Try to concentrate on her, close your eyes and then look at the pictures of the styles available.  Make your choice intuitively and with love in your heart. 

Sharing your love of IVKO.

The more your share this store with others, the more I will be able to increase my inventory and selection, so don't keep this secret to yourselves.  If someone stops you in the street and asks where you got your coat, please take a second to pass on the information, one Ivko lover to another.

"Thank you so very much for the lovely work you did on my Ivko dress, and also for the extremely speedy delivery. I gasped when I put the dress on because I’ve never worn something that fit me so perfectly! I’m incredibly grateful to you and your staff. This is my gift to myself and I just adore it! Next time I am in need of something special I will definitely be looking at your shop first!"   -Gretchen Staff


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